Katy Perry to be the Face – and Hair – of GHD?

Katy Perry Good Hair Day
Photo Credit: Starity.hu

Pop star Katy Perry is expected to be named GHD’s brand ambassador over the coming weeks.

Katy Perry Set to Become GHD’s Brand Ambassador

Marketing magazine reports that the hair care products manufacturer will launch an ad campaign promoting its latest hair straighteners next month and is currently in final negotiations with the California singer to star in the ads, which RYKCR/Y&R has created.

GHD’s Influence in the Hair Care Industry

GHD (Good Hair Day) is also reportedly discussing possibly becoming a second-tier sponsor of Perry’s UK tour, which begins next month.

About GHD and it’s Influence in the Hair Care Industry

Good Hair Day

GHD (Good Hair Day) is an iconic British company renowned for revolutionizing the hair care industry. Established in 2001, the brand quickly made a name for itself with its innovative range of high-quality hair styling tools, particularly its hair straighteners. GHD’s products were unique in their combination of design, performance, and pioneering technology, transforming how hairstyling was perceived and practiced at home and by professionals. The brand’s transformative influence extended far beyond the UK, becoming a global phenomenon and setting new standards in hair care worldwide.

Katy Perry: A Key Collaborator in GHD’s Success

GHD’s impact was further bolstered by its strategic marketing campaigns, which included collaboration with pop music sensation Katy Perry. As the face of GHD, Perry’s global appeal and trend-setting image perfectly aligned with the brand’s innovative ethos. Perry’s endorsement significantly boosted the brand’s visibility and appeal, particularly among younger consumers. This partnership exemplified GHD’s knack for understanding and capitalizing on the intersection of popular culture and personal grooming, helping to cement its status as a leading innovator in the hair care industry.