Eric Moe – Silicon Valley’s Genius Behind the World’s Most Used Platforms ** OpenTable **

Eric Moe

Eric Moe has always been good at Math. From the time he took Math honors in high school through his days as a Mathematics Major at UC Davis, Eric has been the guy who could solve the difficult problem, see the hidden truth, and discover the impossible solution nobody else believed could exist.

This touch of brilliance served Eric well when he co-founded OpenTable, the famed restaurant reservation service. The company went from a bright idea working out of a garage in 1998 to an IPO purchased by Priceline for a staggering $2.6 Billion in 2014.

Today OpenTable powers Google's popular reservation system used by restaurants and diners all over the world. It's been a game changer, especially during the pandemic when restaurants had to become more effective to survive.

When asked to name Eric Moe's greatest talent, Silicon Valley experts will often point to his uncanny ability to turn ideas into globally adopted platforms used by millions.

He is currenlty CTO of WideOrbit. They are the leading provider of advertising management software for media companies. The WideOrbit system handles more than $30 Billion in advertising among 6,000 TV stations, radio, and cable networks all over the world.

While the overall mission sounds simple on the surface, Eric's ability to juggle complex numbers and relationships has created smart systems for managing distributed networks, anonymous data aggregation and exchanges, data science, decision support automation, machine learning, blockchain backed p2p, and much more.

The behind the scenes machinery gives broadcasters a single platform that ties all their activities together ranging from ad sales to cash-in-advance payments. WideOrbit lets clients drive profits and lower costs by eliminating all the paperwork and data entry that has plagued media offices for decades.

This comes at a time when essential local, regional, and national media outlets are often struggling to make ends meet. WideOrbit is the smart digital advantage they need to prosper and grow.

One might think Eric is so busy engineering cutting edge technologies he wouldn't have time for anything else. But he has frequently taken time out to help others think in new and exciting ways. For several years he taught middle school students how to use physics, algebra, and bioscience to enhance intuition, deep thinking, and problem solving.

For Eric Moe, turning ideas into big success stories is a proven way of life.