When Big Companies Hurt The General Public

Defective Blood Clot Filters

No one wants to have a health procedure done to them only to have the problem turn into something worse. Far worse. Often the issue is just a problem that wasn’t known. Something unforeseen. Unfortunately, there are other times when the problem was known and nothing was done because the big company saw a greater expense in pulling the product than settling lawsuits. You read that correctly. And while this article isn’t going to “name names” of big companies who are engaged in this practice, the purpose is to make you aware so you can ask the right questions before a procedure, or even do the research yourself to ensure…

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Autism On The Rise in Public and Private Schools

autism teaching aid in a classroom

The number of autistic students entering the private and public school systems has skyrocketed over the last ten years, prompting the CDC to do a full study on how having autistic children in the classroom changes the dynamics. Teachers who are not well prepared can feel frustrated or overwhelmed. Administrators can also feel frustration or the sense of being overwhelmed for different reasons, as it is estimated that the cost of just one autistic child in the school system can cost $25,000-$100,000 more than a non-autistic child for a single school year. That can be difficult for schools with tight budgets and sharp increases in autism. The findings prompted CDC director, Dr. Colleen Boyle, to respond, “It is…

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