IEA and American Airlines join forces to help businesses trade with the US

American Airlines

IEA and American Airlines Partner to Enhance Business Opportunities with the US

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) and American Airlines are to partner on a series of business briefings aimed at providing chief executives, managing directors and business leaders with a platform to network and share best practice when doing business with the US.

These events aim to create a platform for exporting companies to come together, collaborate, and identify solutions to challenges encountered in international trade. The briefings will be held in key cities including Dublin, Cork, and Galway, offering participants across the country valuable opportunities throughout the year.

Leveraging Favorable Trading Conditions

The IEA said the aim of the events is to bring exporting companies together to network, share best practice and collaborate to identify solutions to international trade problems. 

As the euro-to-dollar exchange rate currently sits at an all-time low, the collaboration between the IEA and American Airlines comes at an opportune time for exporters. The favorable trading conditions present a compelling opportunity for businesses to capitalize on increased competitiveness in the US market. With the IEA’s extensive expertise and resources, their members are well-positioned to navigate these favorable conditions and achieve export success. The partnership aims to support Irish businesses in leveraging these advantageous trading circumstances and expanding their reach in the US.

The events will take place in Dublin, Cork and Galway throughout the year.

Networking, Best Practices, and Collaboration

The core objective of the partnership between the IEA and American Airlines is to foster networking opportunities among exporting companies while facilitating the exchange of best practices. Through the business briefings, chief executives, managing directors, and business leaders will have a dedicated platform to connect, share experiences, and gain valuable insights into conducting business with the United States. The collaborative environment will encourage open discussions, idea-sharing, and the identification of innovative solutions to common challenges encountered in international trade. By harnessing the collective knowledge and experiences of industry leaders, participating companies will be better equipped to enhance their export strategies and overcome obstacles in the US market.

Empowering Exporters for Success

“With the current exchange rate of euro to dollar at an all-time low it is a good time for exporters to take advantage of the favourable trading conditions and the IEA is best placed to help its members achieve export success,” said Simon McKeever, chief executive of the Irish Exporters Association. 

Simon McKeever, CEO of the Irish Exporters Association, emphasizes the association’s commitment to supporting its members in achieving export success. Recognizing the significant opportunities presented by the current exchange rate dynamics, the IEA aims to empower exporters by providing the necessary tools, resources, and networking platforms. Through the partnership with American Airlines, the IEA seeks to enable Irish businesses to make the most of the favorable trading conditions and build lasting relationships with key stakeholders in the US market. By facilitating collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and best practice dissemination, the IEA and American Airlines partnership aims to strengthen the export capabilities of Irish companies and contribute to their sustained growth and success.

Grainne Rothery