New embassies and consulates good news for exporters – IEA

Simon McKeever

New embassies and consulates good news for exporters – IEA
Simon McKeever

The Irish Exporters Association (IEA) has welcomed the announcement that the Government is to open five new embassies and consulates.

IEA CEO Simon McKeever said our diplomatic network and the assistance of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade were vital in supporting the exporting sector, especially in new and emerging markets.

“This government investment will undoubtedly reap benefits for our commercial reputation and business success,” he said.

The decision, announced by the Tánaiste, will see five new Irish embassies and three new consulates established in Europe, South East Asia, Africa and the Americas.

“At the IEA we have been working with the government to encourage established and potential exporters to explore the opportunities in new markets,” said McKeever.

“The opening of diplomatic missions in growing markets such as Brazil, Thailand, Indonesia and Hong Kong will be highly significant in terms of trade to these countries.”

Hugh Kelly, chairman of the IEA’s Asia Trade Forum, highlighted the importance of in-market support for Irish businesses operating in distant markets.

“The practical advice and support that is provided by embassies is invaluable.  In any new market there are challenges relating to customs and compliance, identifying distributors, and establishing business networks.

“A formal diplomatic support system has a key role in facilitating Irish exporters, and especially indigenous Irish exporters, seeking to take their products to new markets.

“Establishing our diplomatic and commercial footprint around the globe is a clear sign that Ireland is moving forward and is open for business.”