PCH Partners with Texas-based MetaWatch

PCH partners with Texas-based MetaWatch The STRATA

PCH partners with Texas-based MetaWatch

Cork, headquartered PCH International is partnering with US start-up MetaWatch as part of its Accelerator programme, coinciding with the launch of its smart sports watch, the MetaWatch STRATA.

PCH International founder and CEO Liam Casey said: “MetaWatch CEO Bill Geiser and CTO David Rosales have almost a decade of experience designing smart watches, and they are disrupting the watch industry with their innovative thinking.

“Coupled with PCH product development and supply chain expertise, and our ability to scale, we are bringing a revolutionary new product to market.”

Through the Accelerator programme, MetaWatch can take advantage of PCH expertise in product development, module mechanical design, case mechanical design, prototyping, tooling, manufacturing, quality testing, packaging design, kitting and order fulfillment.

Based in Dallas, Texas, in the US, MetaWatch publically launched STRATA on the popular crowdfunding website Kickstarter and, within 48 hours, had achieved its funding goal. When the campaign ended, MetaWatch raised nearly $310,000, tripling its initial goal of $100,000.

MetaWatch CEO Bill Geiser said: “The STRATA is truly a fusion of fashion and technology. This is a watch that not only tells time; it saves time. With a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to your smartphone, you can check messages, see who’s calling, control music, view weather, GPS, and more, all from your wrist.”

Customers want to know:

Can you see texts that are linked to the iPhone and/or Android?

– The Strata supports both Android and iPhone.

Is the watch compatible with Whatsapp messages?

– Currently, it is based on iPhone and Android.

How reliable is the connectivity?

– The connectivity issues have improved with the recent firmware updates. For $80.00, it is a good price for a SmartWatch.

Can you talk on the watch? Make phone calls? Dictate text messages?

– No. The watch does not have a microphone or a speaker.

Sorcha Corcoran