Project Manager Roles Most in Demand in IT Sector – IT Alliance


Project manager roles most in demand in IT sector – IT Alliance

Updated: October 21, 2017

Height Adjustable Desks in the Office

The traditional “office desk” as shown in the picture above may be a thing of the past. With the increase in health problems amongst office workers, the stand-up adjustable desk is taking off in popularity and is now even being “prescribed” by some doctors. It is no longer considered a “fad.”

Experts seem to disagree on the best advice for height adjustable desks. However, all experts agree that sitting at a desk for more than six hours a day is slowly killing you. That is not a very pleasant thought.

Along with the changes in office furniture, growth in cloud computing is fuelling demand for all kinds of roles in the information technology sector, according to a Shaun Brown, resourcing manager, IT Alliance Group.

Office Job Growth Expands – More Demand For Adjustable Desks

An analysis of the 126 jobs it will be promoting at Career Zoo at the Convention Centre, Dublin on 15 February has revealed that over a quarter of the jobs which are available to be filled are for project managers, while one in five jobs is for helpdesk and support roles.

There are also a wide range of other jobs available, some of which are well paid with competitive benefit packages from network engineers and systems administrators to Java, .Net and SharePoint developers.

“The growth in cloud computing is aggressively driving demand not only for people with remote IT management and support skills but for detailed project management, bullet-proof IT security and complex network professionals to oversee its implementation and support on a wide range of platforms and systems,” said Brown.

“Demand is buoyant not only in Dublin but in Cork and Limerick as well,” continued Brown.

Experts see a constant surge in hiring in these fields over the next five years and beyond. As the internet continues to grow, more and more demand will be made for people with the skills and knowledge. The demand is increasing for the sole purpose to take companies to the next level and also to protect sensitive customer data. In a world of data breaches and leaked information, having the right technology in place and keeping it updated is a high priority for online companies in Ireland.

IT Alliance Group currently employs over 450 people in Ireland.