University of Limerick launches new ‘Campus Holidays’ enterprise

University of Limerick
University of Limerick launches new ‘Campus Holidays’ enterprise

University of Limerick (UL) has announced the launch of its new ‘Campus Holidays’, marking a new innovative business expansion for UL’s ‘Campus Life Services’.

Campus Life Services: Managing, Marketing, and Developing the Campus

The on-campus holiday experience represents a real boost in visitors and tourism to the university, the city and surrounds over the summer months.

Campus Life Services is a subsidiary university company that manages, markets and develops the campus and its facilities for conferences, accommodation and events.

Launching Campus Holidays for a New Audience

The company is always looking to new ways of innovation and diversification to generate new revenue streams in non-term time and this year has launched its ‘Campus Holidays’ offer at

Campus Life Services has appointed 25 new positions for the summer season employing many UL students. This team will assist the company’s existing full-time team of 30 in managing the campus, accommodation and facilities over the summer period, including looking after ‘Campus Holidays’ guests. 

“We have world-class facilities on campus at UL in terms of accommodation, activities, sports and culture,” said Linda Stevens, director, Campus Life Services at UL.

“In order to ensure that those facilities are properly utilised, not just during term time, we have this year for the first time developed a dedicated accommodation package for the national and international leisure market. Campus Holidays allows the campus to showcase its excellent amenities to a new audience while allowing the creation of new revenue streams for the university.”