Crowley Carbon launches boiler which could save Irish companies over €900m

Irish energy services company Crowley Carbon has launched a boiler aimed at the commercial and industrial market, which it says has been proven to deliver savings of up to 80pc on energy costs.

Based on high pressure heat pump technology, the Thermal Server was developed in-house and is manufactured in Ireland. It can be driven by gas engine or electricity and utilises waste heat from manufacturing or geothermal sources to deliver low-cost hot water to businesses.

This hot water can then be used in a wide range of installations, including breweries, dairies and other food processing plants.

Over the past 24 months has been piloted within Dawn Meats in Ireland and the British-based Direct Table Foods.

Chairman of Crowley Carbon Norman Crowley said at the launch: “Ireland’s industrial and commercial sectors spend €2.6bn per annum on heating oil and gas. If only half of this market was to be addressed by our ground-breaking technology we would confidently estimate that its application could save at least 70pc of this figure, thereby reducing energy costs for Irish companies by €918m.”

To date Crowley Carbon has invented and licensed over 80 products to address energy usage in all areas of a client’s business. Its client base includes Vodafone, Pfizer and Johnson and Johnson.

In 2012 the firm created 35 new jobs in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow and announced a €64m deal with Emrill, one of the largest facilities management companies in the Middle East. It currently has offices in Ireland, London and Sydney and Dubai.