L’Oréal largest hair colour plant
The L’Oréal Group is claiming to have opened the largest hair colour production plant in the world in terms of production capacity, in Mexico, with a $100m investment.

The new factory will double the production capacity in Mexico and will supply both Latin America and North America.

Focusing entirely on hair colour products, the 32,000 sq m facility is located in the Logistik II Industrial Park, in Villa de Reyes, State of San Luis Potosí. L’Oréal’s other production plant is located in Mexico City.

“The L’Oréal Group has decided to open its new production plant in Mexico, since this is one of the most strategic countries for the group, a key crossroad between North America and Latin America,” said Jean-Philippe Blanpain, executive vice president of operations L’Oreal.

In line with the group’s ambition to reach one billion new consumers in the next ten years, this new factory is also a part of L’Oréal’s global strategy towards greater specialisation of its production by business segment.

The plant in San Luis Potosí started operations in April 2012, with a targeted production of over 100 million units in 2013, and over 210 million in 2014 – for a total production of 400 million cosmetics units in the country (including the Mexico City plant).

It currently manufactures hair color products for L’Oréal Paris, Garnier, SoftSheen Carson and, from 2013, for L’Oréal Professionnel.

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Regarding sustainability, the plant already features advanced technologies for water treatment and solar-powered equipment with wind energy coming in the next few months.