More women should set up businesses Perry

Following his meeting with the Irish Ambassadors for Female Enterpreneurship, Minister for Small Business John Perry TD is encouraging more women to start their own business.

Irish Ambassadors for Female Entrepreneurship have been appointed by the European Commission to promote and encourage more women to become entrepreneurs and set up businesses.

Following the meeting Minister Perry said: “The recently launched Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Report for Ireland for 2010 recognised that fewer women than men are active as entrepreneurs with the rate of early stage entrepreneurship among men at 9.5pc compared to 3.9pc for women.

“It is therefore vitally important that we provide the right environment to foster the development of this untapped female entrepreneurial talent across all sectors of Irish business.”

Minister Perry said he had asked the ambassadors to attend meetings of the Small Business Advisory Group, as appropriate.

“I have assured them of an ‘open door’ policy in terms of meeting them on a regular basis.  I also have asked them to identify the three most important issues impacting on female entrepreneurs.”

Photo: John Perry TD