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Into the cloud, out of the fog

Posted. 20.12.2011


More and more businesses are moving into a virtual world, supported by new technologies and driven by a need to reduce costs.

It is a fascinating journey into the ‘cloud’ that these organizations have undertaken –one that we expect many more organisations will follow. In this new virtual world, the delivery of appropriate information security has been dramatically altered and has emerged as a ‘licence to operate’ for many organisations. We have identified three distinct trends that together have had and will continue to have a significant impact on the role and importance of information security.

First, a company’s physical boundaries are disappearing as more of its data is transmitted over the internet. Employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders are able to access this data ‘wherever and whenever’ they wish, and the widespread adoption of mobile devices is accelerating this trend. In last year’s survey we already noted this development, referencing the ‘borderless’ environment; however, it continues to be a key area of concern for organizations today.

We also have watched the pace of change continue to accelerate and have witnessed technology transform entire industries – from automotive to publishing to retail. The theme here is the move from ‘physical’ to ‘digital’. Digitisation is having a profound effect on businesses models, with traditional bricks-and-mortar industries being dominated or completely replaced by models that are essentially just based on software. Books have been transformed into e-books, CDs have been transformed into MP3s and cars are largely managed by software today, providing consumers with immediate delivery of products and enhanced value.

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Competing for Growth - Chapter 1

Competing for Growth - Chapter 1