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Dubliners sweet on confectionery – PML Group research

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Dubliners sweet on confectionery – PML Group research

Dubliners sweet on confectionery – PML Group research

Fifty-eight percent of Dubliners aged 15–54 consume chocolate at least once a week, compared to 34pc eating sweets and 46pc eating crisps, according to the latest research carried out by PML Group as part of its Focus series of studies.

Working with Ipsos MRBI, the out of home advertising specialist investigated the confectionery sector and snacking habits of Dubliners and looked at their perceptions of individual brands across a range of criteria.

For 15-24 year olds, the chocolate figure rises to 69pc and for females it comes in at 62pc.

It was also found that mid-afternoon is the most popular time of day to consume confectionery, followed by post-dinner time in the evening.

A major difference emerged though between males and females with regard to where they consume chocolate and sweets. Females were found to be much more likely to eat at home while many more males than females eat chocolate and sweets during the day in work.

The research study also investigated purchasing habits. Buying confectionery as part of the main weekly shop is the most popular method of purchase, followed by day to day purchases in convenience stores.

According to Colum Harmon, marketing manager with PML Group, some interesting discoveries were made as to the factors contributing to a purchase choice.

“When buying confectionery for their own consumption, respondents ranked taste as the No 1 factor. However, when purchasing for someone else, such as a partner or family, special offers and promotions were the No 1 consideration,” he said.

With regard to advertising channels, more respondents said they noticed advertising for confectionery brands on posters than they did on TV, radio or online.

When it came to snacking in general, females are consuming more than males with 64pc of females consuming two or more snacks between meals each day. This compares to 57pc of males. These snacks are not confined to confectionery however, and also include the likes of fruit, yoghurt and nuts.

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