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Europeans spend one day a month online and most engaged by Facebook

Facebook is engaging Europeans most

Facebook is engaging Europeans most

Europeans spend the equivalent of one day a month online and spend more time on Facebook than any other site, according to a new report from comScore.

The comScore 2010 Europe Digital Year in Review, which is based on data from December 2010, provides an overview of key trends in the European digital media landscape, including market-level data on user demographics, social networking, online video, mobile, and search in 18 European countries — Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

“Europe is currently the world’s second largest digital market behind Asia Pacific and Europeans continue to embrace new online and mobile offerings,” said Wolf Allisat, comScore EVP for international markets. "The key to tapping into this region is to understand the behaviour and individual market dynamics that contribute to it.

“Europe’s digital market is poised to keep expanding in 2011, and understanding where the growth occurs in a region as vast as this will be crucial for marketers looking to drive their business among Europe’s diversified markets.”

The Netherlands and UK led in engagement, with users in both markets spending approximately 25pc more time online in a month than the European average of 24.3 hours. In Ireland, adults over the age of 15 spent an average of 18 hours and 7 minutes online each month.

Europeans spent the most time online on search, social networking, and directory sites, with Facebook accounting for the largest share (11.7pc) out of all media properties. In Ireland, meanwhile, Facebook accounted for 23pc of time spent online with the average visitor spending 4 hours and nearly 11 minutes on the social networking site each month.

The report also finds that Europe experienced a 10.9 percentage gain in social networking penetration throughout 2010 – the highest seen in any global region. Facebook was the leading social networking sites in 15 out of the 18 markets. Local social networks in the Netherlands, Poland, and Russia continued to retain their majority share of the market.

In the Irish market, the report reveals that Google Sites was the most visited property in December 2010, with over 1.9 million unique visitors, equating to a 95.5pc reach. Microsoft Sites, meanwhile, was not too far behind with 1.9 million visitors and a 94.2pc reach. Facebook’s visitor numbers amounted to 1.55 million during the month (77pc reach), while was the most visited media property, with total unique visitors number 1.37 million (68.1pc reach).

The report also found that display advertising reached 97pc of users in the UK, France, and Germany in December 2010. In all three markets, social networking was the leading publisher category serving display ads.

Elsewhere, the use of online coupon sites in Europe grew by 162pc in 2010, showing coupon sites emerging as a key driver of online consumer behaviour. France, the UK and Italy led local markets in the use of online coupons and deals, with Italy showing the highest gain at a 15 percentage point increase in coupon site usage.

The number of unique online video viewers in Europe held steady overall, but there was significant growth in video viewership to TV sites. By the end of 2010, 16.3 million viewers were watching videos on TV sites in Germany – an increase of 14pc from last year.

Smartphone penetration in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy grew in 2010 to reach 31.1pc of mobile users. This was fueled by high rates of adoption of the Google and Apple smartphone operating systems, with Google Android experiencing a 951pc gain and Apple experiencing up 115pc.

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