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No surge in compensation for personal injury claims

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No surge in compensation for personal injury claims

There has been no sign of a surge in personal injury claims as a result of the recession, the said today as it published its annual report.

Despite the challenging economic conditions facing the country, the government body in charge of assessing the amount of compensation due to someone who has suffered a personal injury said there was no evidence in the first six months of 2009 that the downturn has resulted in an escalation in the volume of personal injury claims.

"It was widely anticipated that the recession would see a surge in personal injury claims. However, to date in 2009, has seen a very modest growth of under 3pc in claim volumes, following a 6pc increase in claim volumes in 2008 over 2007,” said chief executive, Patricia Byron.

"There are good reasons to believe that a combination of factors are applying downward pressure on the volumes of personal injury claims,” she said.

“2008 was the safest year on Ireland's roads since records began and further progress has been made in 2009. The lower numbers at work and the Health and Safety Authority's focus on high-risk occupations to minimise accidents should also contribute to fewer personal injury claims.

“Tougher legislation, hard-hitting anti-fraud campaigns run by the insurance industry and more sophisticated tools for detecting fraudulent claims have helped to tackle the compensation culture in this country," Byron added.

According to figures contained in the's annual report, compensation totalling €217m was awarded to a total of 8,845 personal injury claimants in 2008.

Since 2004, personal injury claims in Ireland (excluding medical negligence) have been processed through rather than through the Courts.

Categories: Leadership, Owner Manager