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ConsultingIreland to launch new clustering programme

Categories: Start-up, SME, Funding, Skills, Finance
ConsultingIreland to launch new clustering programme

ConsultingIreland to launch new clustering programme

Julie Sinnamon, exec director, global business division, Enterprise Ireland, Brian Martin Alsace International deputy director; Seamus McCann, chairman ConsultingIreland, Damien English TD

An Enterprise Ireland initiative, ConsultingIreland, is launching its new ‘Clustering Programme’ on 4 June to help Irish companies tap into opportunities in emerging markets, in particular, those funded by international financing institutions such as the World Bank.

Starting next September, the initiative includes a nine-month training and mentoring programme.

“Post ‘Celtic Tiger’, countries such as Denmark are now winning ten times the business Ireland achieves,” said Seamus McCann, chairman ConsultingIreland.

“We are able to identify global business opportunities across all major sectors and mentor companies to address the market, to help close this significant gap on European partner countries.”

The objective of ConsultingIreland is to develop a strategy to regain the status and share of these ever-increasing market opportunities and help job creation for all sectors of the Irish economy.

Julie Sinnamon, Enterprise Ireland executive director Global Business Development, said: “This is a very welcome initiative that is all about encouraging business to look outwards in building links and cooperating with other companies on issues of mutual benefit. 

“By engaging in collaborative activities, companies can ultimately improve their own productivity and expertise, and operate more effectively to win increasing business.”

The clustering network will have both a national and international dimension and as part of this drive, the first international agreement will be signed at the launch between ConsultingIreland and Alsace International in France.

Further co-operation agreements will follow with other national and regional associations involved in international projects.

Categories: Start-up, SME, Funding, Skills, Finance